The Allegrini Prize 2021<br/>awarded to David Landau
18 November 2021

The Allegrini Prize 2021
awarded to David Landau

The winner of the Premio Allegrini (Allegrini Award) ‘The Art of Exhibiting Art’ 2021, now in its ninth year, goes to David Landau, for the exhibitions on the art of glass in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries at "Le Stanze del Vetro" (Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice). The award ceremony will be held on Tuesday 23 November at Villa Della Torre, in Fumane di Valpolicella (VR).
Together with his wife Marie-Rose Kahane, Landau approached the wonders of glass as a form of art. A passion that grew over time, it ultimately led him, with the support of the Pentagram Stiftung foundation, to create "Le Stanze del Vetro" on the island of San Giorgio.
“The Allegrini Prize, 'The Art of Exhibiting Art' is back - comments Marilisa Allegrini -. This is already a sign of the rebirth of cultural activities and of the desire for dialogue and coming together, which has been a characteristic of Villa Della Torre ever since the distant Renaissance era. The Villa is the prestigious home of the award itself. This year we want to promote not just a single exhibition, but an entire life’s work made available to the cultural organization and to the love for the public that David Landau has been able to express so well”.
This exhibition is one of the most refined and attentive projects open to the public in recent years, marked by the quality of the set-up, the care taken in divulging the information and the pervasiveness of the exhibition system, which also included free tours and guides. Everything was created starting from the idea of studying and disseminating the secrets of a mysterious and historical material such as glass, blown and shaped by the knowledge and skills of masters and workers. This know-how is showcased via a series of extraordinary exhibitions, organized by David Landau, illustrating the best works of glass art – not only from Murano – from the 20th and 21st centuries.